Marie-France Guy's Website

About the Artist

Originally from Quebec, I grew up surrounded by the majestic St-Lawrence river and the Appalachian mountains. I have always been captivated by the raw power and natural splendor of the landscape.

I spent a few years in England and traveled through Europe. Later on, I settled in Toronto and now live in Markham where I raised my two children and worked as a French teacher and Translator.

Ten years ago, I decided to explore the world of painting and mix it with a passion for butterflies. The self-taught approach allows my inner feelings and imagination to transform my work in a magical way. I enjoy the diversity offered with the acrylic and mixed media.

Nature inspires me and starting a painting becomes a new adventure: you never know where it will take you. The art becomes a tool to express my emotions in a universe of stillness.

"There are feelings in the heart too deep for words, only to be heard with brush strokes." M-F Guy